11" Trash Truck Plush Doll

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In a small town lived a big truck named Trash Truck and a little boy named Hank ... Hank and Trash Truck looked different, but they were actually quite alike.

BEEP! BEEP! Here comes Trash Truck, ready to roll into your next imaginative adventure! Perfect for fans of the popular Netflix series and books created by Max Keane, this playful garbage truck is a fantastic playmate for young readers. Made with soft vibrant green fabric and measuring 11 inches long, this garbage truck has an expressive face, lots of embroidered details, and movable arm lifts. Trash Truck is a treasure! 

Based on the Netflix original series and inspired by a true story, this book is perfect for little fans of big trucks!

When Hank, a six-year-old boy with a big imagination, meets his best pal, a giant honking, snorting Trash Truck, things will never be the same. This book includes a unique gatefold, perfect for making any story time extra special!

Trash Truck is based on the real-life experiences of Max Keane, the show's creator, and his son’s love of the local garbage truck. So this book also includes a real-life photo of Max's son and his garbage truck along with a note from the author.

The Netflix original animated series Trash Truck is produced by Glen Keane Productions and stars six-year-old Hank, a boy who dreams big and finds great friends through even greater adventures. 

  • Surface wash only
  • Safe for all ages