Super Mario Super Star Light with Projection


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We can't guarantee it will make you invincible but this Super Mario Super Star light will add a warm glow to any room, workspace or gaming den, whilst also projecting stars on to nearby surfaces or walls. Fans of Super Mario, Nintendo or those who just love gaming will love this handy light that stands 25.4cm (10") tall. It can be powered by USB (USB cable included) or 3x AA batteries (not included) so you can place your Super Star light anywhere in your home. Supplied in a full colour box, this makes a perfect gift for gamers everywhere.

Super Stars (aka Starmen) first featured in the Super Mario Bros game. In gameplay it is a rare item and only found in some levels. If Mario or Luigi get a star, they will turn invincible. so they can defeat enemies and manoeuvre around most hazards without getting hurt. Super Mario Bros. is one of the best-selling video games of all time.

Manufactured using eco-friendly Break Down Plastic so you can buy with the confidence that when your Super Star light comes to the end of its life, the plastic will breakdown thanks to a revolutionary organic ingredient and not just sit in landfill.