Aquabeads Mega Bead Set Refill Kit

Epoch Everlasting Play

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Keep your Aquabeads creativity flowing!

With over 2,400 beads contained in this sturdy snap-shut case, there's nothing you can't create.

There are 800 sparkling, geometric jewel beads in 8 stunning colors plus 1,600 solid beads in 16 colors, all just waiting for you to arrange them and transform them into all kinds of beautiful designs.

Just add water and they hold together to create a unique little keepsake!

Young designers are set for endless creative possibilities when they get their hands on the Aquabeads Mega Bead Refill Set.

Aquabeads Mega Bead Set Refill
  • Set of over 2,400 colorful Aquabeads
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, creativity, self-expression
  • Endless creative potential!
  • Use layout trays (sold separately) to arrange beads into any design you want
  • Spray beads with water to make them stick together and become a sturdy keepsake
  • Includes 800 jewel beads (100 in each pink, blue, purple, red, yellow, brown, green, orange), 1600 solid beads (100 in each pink, blue, purple, black, ivory, light brown, red, yellow, brown, light green, light orange, green, orange, white, light blue, grey), snap-shut carrying case
  • High quality materials - Exceptional Aquabeads experience