Binks & Books Blanket and Book Set in Keepsake Box

Binks & Books

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Make Bedtime The Best Time

With cozy comfort to help your baby sleep through the night and a matching storybook.

Reading to your baby is a fun way to bond while fostering basic communication skills. Make them feel safe and warm by wrapping them in a plush blanket with matching characters from the book you’re reading to them.

Blankets are a key part of your baby’s comfort and security. As your child grows up, their blanket often tags along with them for many years. These blankets also come with a lifetime guarantee since they’ll never shed or pill no matter how many times you wash them. So if they want, your child will have this blanket for life.

Choose from four classic nursery rhymes illustrated in a board book and printed blanket with matching characters.

Snuggle up. It’s time to get cozy.