Bug Vacuum

Thin Air Brands

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  • Introducing our Bug Catcher - the perfect toy to promote scientific learning for kids aged 5 to 12! With an integrated LED light, carabineer, and battery-operated vacuum mechanism, this bug catcher makes bug-catching fun and exciting. Children can observe, keep notes, and make sketches, all while enjoying the thrill of the chase.
  • Teach your child to play and explore their favorite bugs without harming them. Our patented, bug-safe vacuum sends each bug gently into the core viewing chamber, making it easy to catch and release. The chambered capture gun ensures safe and hygienic capture, so your child can observe without touching the bugs.
  • Use the bug catcher anywhere, anytime - indoors or outdoors, day or night! The integrated light and 1-inch suction head allow for the capture of all types of household and backyard bugs. The clear 360-degree sides keep your child engaged without a bug escaping.
  • Catch, study, and release insects back into the wild.
  • The perfect STEM Science toy.