Colorful Growing Orbs Test Tube

Steve Spangler

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Steve Spangler Science Colorful Growing Orbs Test Tube, 1.16 oz Test Tube – Science Kits for Kids to Learn about Polymers, Activity Guide Included, Exciting STEM Activity for Classroom & Home Learning

Explore the science of polymers. Makes 1600 plus orbs. Get Hands-on with hydrogels. Science activities included. Superabsorbent polymer, just add water and reusable. Dry out and reuse, explore hydrogels and superabsorbent polymers, thousands of colorful orbs.

Fun colorful spheres to mix, squish, sort and bounce. Open the tube of orbs and take a few of them out. Hold them in your hand. Believe it or not, these tiny balls are about to grow to the size of a large marble when you add water!

Not for children under 6 years.