Corolle Baby Doll Large Acessories Set


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It contains 11 accessories: a potty, a tube of cream, a wipe, a pacifier, a cloth diaper, a spoon, a plate of mashed potatoes, a cookie, a bottle, a bib and a bag to store everything. Your child will be able to imitate their parents in caring for their baby and can imagine many stories. About Corolle: Corolle knows children by heart and designs dolls entirely adapted to their games, at each age of their development. You will discover 5 lines of dolls and accessories adapted to their needs from birth to pre-adolescence. It is important to play with dolls. In the era of educational and electronic games, what place can a doll have in a family riveted on different screens? It brings to the child an essential support to its sensory, emotional and social development.