Creagami 3D Origami Modular Paper Folding Kit - Bee & Flower

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3D Modular Paper Folding Kit for Art and Craft Lovers

Dive into the enchanting world of paper crafting with the 289-piece Creagami Bee Origami Set! This captivating kit is designed to inspire and challenge both novice and experienced origami enthusiasts. Create a stunning, three-dimensional bee with beautifully designed modular paper pieces that interlock to form an exquisite, lifelike model. The Creagami Bee Origami Set is more than just a craft; it's an artistic journey that enhances cognitive skills, provides a sense of accomplishment, and results in a charming piece of art that buzzes with life. Suitable for a wide range of ages, it's an ideal activity for families, classrooms, or anyone looking to explore the creative possibilities of origami.

346 Origami Paper Pieces, Guidebook

Age: 7+