Creativity for Kids Sensory Pack - Unicorn

Faber Castell

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Preschool age kids are set for a sensory journey with princess-themed toddler activities, designed to stimulate their senses and refine fine motor skills. This kit features stretchy cloud clay and an assortment of enchanting sensory toys. Kids will discover various textures, colors and shapes, while fostering creativity and imaginative play.

· Non-Toxic & Safety-Tested
· Sensory Play with Princess Toys
· Cloud Clay Never Dries Out
· Less Mess for More Fun!
· Resealable Storage for Sensory on-the-Go

Welcome to a World of Sensory Exploration!
Sensory Pack Unicorn provides a low-mess sensory activity perfect for toddlers and enjoyable for all. With super soft and stretchy cloud clay that never dries out, little hands stay clean and surfaces remain residue-free, ensuring easy cleanup and peace of mind.

The enchanting unicorn theme sparks imagination as toddlers interact with the colorful contents of the kit, including magical unicorns, a star-shaped cookie cutter, a unicorn stamp, pastel star confetti and other delightful elements.

Kids stay entertained as they explore their sense of touch, indulging in activities like stretching, stamping and shaping the soft, pliable clay.

Unicorn sensory toys are packaged in a resealable pouch for hassle-free storage and quick access, ideal for sensory play on-the-go. Once sensory exploration is complete for the day, simply gather all the materials and return them to the sensory pack for future adventures! *Make sure the components are wiped down and dried occasionally prior to sealing.

Sensory Packs allow kids to actively participate in their cognitive development as they build creative confidence through play.

Sensory toddler activities promote quiet time and independent play, offering children hours of exploratory and imaginative fun while they learn and develop essential skills.

Ages 3+