DIY Like a Princess Crown Mosaic


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Create beautiful sparkling tiara's with this fabulous Djeco Do It Yourself Like A Princess Tiara's craft kit.  Crafty kids will love customizing these precut tiara's with the glitter sticky mosaics, gemstones and ribbons.  These beautiful tiara's are then ready for hours of fabulous imaginative play.

Contents: 4 assorted pre-cut laminated paper tiara's, 4 sheets of adhesive gemstones, 4 colored ribbons, 3 sheets of glitter sticky mosaics, 1 instruction booklet. 

This Djeco paper craft kit for kids makes a beautiful gift for any creative child.

Suitable for ages: 5+ Years

The DIY range by Djeco is an opportunity for children to exercise all their talents by creating unique pieces that simultaneously develop patience, dexterity and creativity. Each set includes specially designed contents and a detailed instruction sheet.