Drone Home Board Game

Winning Moves

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Race to launch your aliens!

Players have to use their launchers to try and send their aliens rolling down the track and right into the drone where a magnet helps to hold it in place.

As soon as an alien connects to the drone's platform, the propellers spin and it starts to take off. The first player to send all of their aliens flying high wins the game - but beware...

It takes a second to take off, so there's always the chance another player will knock your alien out and steal your win!

Fast-paced fascination and hand-eye coordination take flight with the thrilling game of Drone Home.

Drone Home
  • Fast-paced game of launching aliens into a drone to make it fly
  • Encourages spatial reasoning, hand-eye coordination, quick thinking
  • Aliens connect to platform of drone with gentle magnet
  • When aliens connect, the drone takes off
  • Drone takes a moment to take off - Other players can still knock your alien out!
  • First to send all 3 of their aliens flying in the drone wins the game
  • Includes drone, launchpad, 4 launch ramps, 12 aliens in red, green, purple, and orange
  • Detailed game rules and instructions included
  • Requires 4 AAA batteries - Not included
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional gameplay