Kidoozie Duel Rocket, Outdoor Play Set with 6 Foam Rockets

Marky Sparky

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  • Turn your backyard into a launch pad with these duel rockets! Compete with your friends to see whose rocket will fly the highest. Play with the angles to see which works best. Be active and outdoors while having the best time ever!      
  • Set, Launch, Catch: These Duel Rockets are perfect for outdoor fun. With 6 foam rockets and a pressure activate pump and launch your rockets over 65 feet high into the air! This toy is easy to assemble and has adjustable angle launchers!           
  • Competitive Spirit: The rockets have both red and purple team colors encouraging friendly competition. Invite your friends over to see whose rocket launches higher into the sky!           
  • STEM Toy: Not only does this toy encourage outdoor play and an active lifestyle, but is also helps develop STEM skills! The rocket thrust demonstrates action and reaction and also physics. Test out different angles to see where your rocket lands!    
  • Product Specifications: Package includes 6 foam rockets and 2 easy to assemble bases.