Eeboo Playing Cards


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Eeboo Playing Cards

  • A fun twist on classic card games.  Perfect for kids. 
  • Cards are 3.25" x 4.5"
  • Instructions included
  • Sturdy sliding tray box for easy storage

Choose from the following:

GO FISH: This new take on an old game involves fish-shaped cards and color matching, with bold colors like hot pink and chartreuse. A great first card game that is easy to play. 

OLD MAID: This Old Maid deck distinguishes her from many other characters identified by their interesting occupations. Great beginning career exploration that is fun to play.

ANIMAL RUMMY: A classic rummy game with animals for categories instead of suits. Playful illustrations add to the fun.

HEARTS: The classic game of Hearts, featuring beautifully graphic illustrations,

CRAZY EIGHTS: Matching suits and numbers is fun to play with these beautifully illustrated cards.

SNAP: A classic game of Snap! that will bring boundless excitement. Each card comes with a "snappy" rhyme!

HAPPY FAMILIES: Similar to Go Fish, Happy Families card game defines families as communities