Flynoculars: Kids 2-in-1 Airplane Binoculars

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  • Safety:Exceeds product safety regulations. The acrylic lenses protect children's eyesight and do not cause adverse effects on the eyes.
  • 3 in 1: One unique toy with multiple uses! Pretend to fly with an airplane, explore with binoculars, and cool down with a fan! (2 AAA batteries required)
  • Easy to Use:No complicated adjustment function, a child can easily and safely use these binoculars. Magnification of 4X allows your child a wide field of vision for distinguishing objects easily.
  • DIY Stickers & Lanyard: Personalize your airplane any way you want! Each Flynoculars come with fun and lovable stickers and a lanyard to keep your airplane with you at all times.
  • Explore Nature:Get out and start exploring with Flynoculars! Take them camping, to the zoo, on vacation, bird watching, or any other trip you can imagine. Encourage observation skills and curiosity in the natural world.