GeoSmart Flip Bot


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Flip into a motorized adventure with the power of creative magnetic construction!

Colorful magnetic shapes snap together cleverly to build a unique frame while wheels, wires, an RC receiver, and two mini motors transform a simple prism into a fascinating racer.

Grab the controls, launch into the action, and watch as the bot flips with every sudden shift from forward to back!

STEM learning becomes action-packed play with the GeoSmart Flip Bot.

GeoSmart Flip Bot
  • RC motor, wheels, and magnetically connecting shapes for building a motorized racer that flips
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, logic, creativity, STEM exploration, imaginative play
  • Geometry and engineering become action-packed play
  • Bot flips whenever direction is changed from forward to back or back to forward
  • Easy to build - Illustrated instructions
  • Includes 4 magnetic squares, 2 magnetic diamonds, 2 turbo snap-in motors, 3 tube connectors, 4 short snap-in arms, 4 long snap-in arms, transmitter, rechargeable receiver, 2 diamond panels, 2 wheels, 4 track wheels, tube coupling
  • Illustrated instructions included
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries - Not included
  • Fully compatible with all other GeoSmart play sets
  • High quality materials and construction - Lasting durability, exceptional build-and-play experience