Gumbo: A Magical Bayou Tale


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Some may think gumbo is simply a delicious stew, but down in Cajun country we know a gumbo is so much more. The magic of history, family tradition, local customs, and bayou seasoning meld to created a swirling wonder of flavor that enchants the senses and reminds us of home. It is just such an aroma that entices George as he wanders through the bayou on a lazy afternoon. George follows his nose and meets the mystical Nanny, who seems right at home in the swamp under the ancient oak trees. There Nanny and George prepare a gumbo as rich in music, stories, laughter, and Cajun secrets - for everything finds its way into a gumbo. As they dice, chop, and stir, she will teach him how to put together the most important of Cajun dishes and impart a few lessons about life along the way. A simple gumbo recipe completes George's bayou adventure and allows young readers (and parents) to sample a delectable bite of Cajun heritage