Halilit Super Drum


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  • QUALITY SOUND: First started as a professional musical instruments company, Halilit later launched its baby product line. This hand toddler drum has high quality and realistic sound. The drum toy’s rim is designed with bumps which you can brush with the mallet stick to make additional sound effects.
  • STIMULATE COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: Our baby drums support cognitive and sensory development, spark curiosity, develop hand-eye coordination and auditory skills, as well as imagination and a sense of rhythm. Expose your little ones to the joy of making and listening to music!
  • FUN FAMILY TIME: Encourage the creative genius in your little one! Due to high quality of sound, our drums for toddlers 1-3 are less disruptive than other products and facilitate hours of fun family time.
  • PERFECT GIFT: Our baby drums 1 year old are the best way to introduce your babies to the magical world of music. They are a perfect gift to celebrate little ones with festival of music and rhythm. Comes conveniently packaged for gift wrapping.
  • WHAT’S INSIDE: Kids drum with drum stick, 7-inch diameter. BPA & Phthalate free and meets latest acoustical safety standards. Recommended for ages 2 years & up.