Janod Wooden Gioia Bells


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  • Baby's first musical toy for ages 18 months and up
  • 5 pretty bells to ring with the included wand
  • Ideal for introducing your child to sounds


Joy to your ears! This musical toy is bound to delight babies aged 18 months and up. It comprises 5 pretty metal bells which are attached to a wooden handle, and a stick to ring them; this early-learning sound toy is truly enchanting. This easy-to-grip early-years toy offers a fun introduction to sounds. The coloured bells stimulate visual acuity, their sound promotes musical awareness and by using the wand, movement coordination is improved. Each bell produces a different sound, allowing toddlers to discover the nuances of sound and develop an ear for music. With this early-years toy, babies can put on their own concert at home! They will have fun ringing the bells, reacting to the different sounds and letting the whole family join them on this musical adventure.