Kidoozie Rockin’ Pirate Ship Playset


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Sail the high seas on a search for buried treasure!

As little pirates push the ship along, it moves as if it's floating over oceanic waves, complete with realistic sounds. Meanwhile, thrilling details keep the imagination filled with excitement.

Turn the crank to raise and lower the anchor. Climb to the top of the mast and keep a lookout in the crow's nest. Count your gold in the captain's quarters and command the crew from the helm.

Open up the sides of the hull to reveal a hammock and a cannon. When you press the cannon, it comes to life with lights and sounds!

Complete with three pirates, a parrot, a shark, a yellow skiff, and a treasure chest, the Kidoozie Rockin' Pirate Ship Playset is everything little captains need for the ultimate seven-seas adventure.

Kidoozie Rockin' Pirate Ship Playset
  • Toy pirate ship with movement, lights, and sounds
  • Encourages cause-effect learning, fine motor skills, imaginative play
  • Push it along - Moves like it's floating over waves, makes realistic sounds
  • Turn crank to raise and lower anchor
  • Open sides of hull to reveal hammock, cannon
  • Press cannon for lights and sounds
  • Detailed with captain's quarters, helm, sail, crow's nest
  • Includes ship, 3 pirates, parrot, shark, yellow skiff, treasure chest
  • Requires 2 AAA batteries - Included
  • Measures 15 x 6.8 x 12.5 inches
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability