Knuckle Headz Poppin' Racers


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This exciting new vehicle line combines Smash-up Derby™ with Rock 'Em, Sock 'Em Robots® for a unique new vehicle play pattern. Fueled by a powerful pull-back motor, Knuckle-Headz™ simulate medieval jousting with a few modern twists. Characters face off in a battle to see which can keep its head – literally. Define the battlefield, aim your vehicle at your opponent's, pull back for maximum momentum, and let them zoom toward each other. Direct hits result in the loser's head popping off about 12 inches! Reset your spring-loaded character heads and face off again!

  • Knuckle-Headz combine the fun of a fast and furious pull back race car with the crazy action of a demolition derby for all out racing mayhem!
  • Knuckle-Headz feature a crazy driver who is ready to lose their head to win the race - a square hit to the front of the car and the driver's head will fly into the sky!
  • Pull the car back along any hard, flat surface and let go to see your car fly across the room and crash into the blockade you have created
  • See how straight you can point the car so it will hit its target or set up your own ramp for daredevil demolition stunts
  • Add a second car so that you can have Head Poppin' race and crash fun with your friends, too!
  • Product dimension: 5” x 2” x 3” (LxWxH)