Mega Cyborg Hand

Thames & Kosmos

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The Mega Cyborg Hand allows students to explore hydraulics, pneumatics, and robotics by assembling their very own giant mechanical hand. Included are 200 plastic pieces and piston tubes that get filled with water to create air pressure for hydraulic movements. The best part, it fits virtually anyone, and no motors or electricity is required! If students get stuck at any point, a 40-page full-color model building guide is provided to help them along the way.
  • Build your own awesome, wearable mechanical hand that you operate with your own fingers
  • Hydraulic pistons enable the mechanical fingers to open and close and grip objects with enough force to lift them
  • Every finger joint can be adjusted to different angles for precision movement
  • Three configurations: right hand, left hand, and claw-like; adjustable to fit virtually any human hand