My Favorite Bible Stories for Children Around the World

Harper Collins

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My Favourite Bible Stories takes the child through the most exciting adventures found in the Bible. Each story reveals the character and nature of a loving and active Father God.

My Favourite Bible Stories is written in a child-friendly and dynamic way to encourage and support children in developing their relationship with God through the Bible. At the end of each story they will enjoy the 'Have a Think', 'Have a Go' and 'Have a Prayer' sections to encourage exploration and prayers that will deepen the connection to the story, its characters and its key message.

The stories come to life in an engaging way that all children can relate to. She captures the authenticity of where these stories are told through the characters like no other children’s Bible.

The stories, written by Sarah Fletcher, bring the child’s imagination to life with a fun and easy-to-listen-to style, told in a way that will spark their interest to find out more. 

Containing more than 50 stories from both the Old and New Testament, this new children’s Bible will help children from diverse backgrounds get a fun, unique and engaging look at the world and its characters from biblical times. 

Parents, teachers, pastors and children will love My Favourite Bible Stories in this new and exciting narrative presentation of the Bible for children. 

  • Contains 23 Old Testament stories.
  • Contains 33 New Testament stories. 
  • Has 'Have a Think', 'Have a Go' and 'Have a Pray' sections at the end of each story.
  • Reveals the character and nature of a loving Father God.