Nurchums: Hatching Egg Toys

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Nurchums is an exciting, hands-on range featuring products that hatch, grow, expand and morph. The range is currently capitalizing on the popularity of hatching eggs, and includes: Fantasy, Dinosaur and Mermaid themes.

  • Mermaid Hatching Eggs: NEW and on-trend, these magical eggs come in blue or purple, with each egg containing one growing mermaid. Simply pop them in fresh water and over the course of a few days your very own mermaid will hatch.
  • Fantasy Hatching Eggs: Ignite their imagination with the prospect of hatching a mythical unicorn or fairy egg — both available in pink and purple. Once the toy has hatched, it will continue to grow for up to two further weeks, or can be removed from water to shrink back to its original size.

  • Dinosaur Hatching Eggs: Travel back in time and hatch your very own prehistoric pet. Available in three bright colors and featuring the most popular dinosaurs: orange T-Rex eggs; green Triceratops eggs; and purple Stegosaurus eggs. These eggs are an amazing learning experience for every child.