The Story of Santa's Beard


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Loved for its traditional Christmas message The Myth of Santa's Beard leads children into the magical world of Santa, as it also transports adults back to a time when There is a problem growing literally growing at the North Pole because children around the world are being good. Santa's beard grows a little each time children share, play fair, do their best, and tell the truth. Soon, because thousands of children are good every day, Santa's beard gets so long he can hardly walk, or talk, and he can't make the toys! But those smart little elves come up with a plan. In the end, all Santa must do is choose the best kids from the Good List to receive a snippet of his long beard. Children squeal with delight when they discover their very own snippet of Santa's beard, tied with red ribbon and included in the book. This book will become a family tradition to be treasured every Santa believing year and beyond. Parents and grandparents love this story that reinforces ethics and values and provides magical story times with their little Santa believers