She's Got This


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"Every day before school, Zoe watched the birds perched in the tree outside her bedroom window."

As kids follow along through the colorful pages, they get to feel the excitement of the wind building up beneath their wings.

First, after seeing the gymnasts on television, Zoe realizes, just like the birds outside her window, people can fly, too. Then, she goes to her gymnastics class and discovers, SHE can fly, too!

"She stood on the end of the beam and gripped it with her toes. She lifted her arms. Then she leaped. For a moment, Zoe flew."

"Then she hit the mat with a thump."

Written by the gold-medal-winning Olympic gymnast Laurie Hernandez, She's Got This helps kids discover, it's not how many times they fall that matters, it's how many times they get back up.