Slamwich Card Game


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It’s an art form. First, you must select a style of bread to start your creation. Then, you must select the correct layers. Do you add a smoky gouda cheese to accent the taste of your perfectly selected tomato? Do you add lettuce or do you spinach? Do you add meat or leave it vegetarian. Or maybe you just settle for a classic peanut butter and jelly… Yes, making a sandwich is an ordeal, but now with this fun card game, it’s an amusing way to pass the time!


This Slamwich game comes with everything you need to start building your perfect victory sandwich! The game plays 2 to 6 players, so you can play it as a quick and easy family game to play on game night. It comes with a deck of cards, each with an illustration of sandwich bread and various sandwich fillings on them. It also comes with a rules book and a handy storage tin.


The gameplay is fast and frantic, perfect for ages 6 and older. You’ll be racing to slap your cards down on the table to gobble up as many cards as possible. When you run out of cards, you’re out. The last person standing with cards wins it all!

  • Playing time: about 20 minutes
  • 55 bread shaped cards, collectible tin
  • High gloss graphics