Phantom Flyer Spin Copter


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The Phantom Flyer is made of flexible, durable foam. Its motor is charged with a 10 second charge from portable battery pack.

Assembly: Insert both the wing & tail into the main body with the sides marked with arrows facing up. Attach the safety shield on to the motor shaft, then add the propeller. Attach stickers to both sides of your glider. Insert 3 AA batteries in the charging pack (not included) Do not touch the rotating propeller Fly away from roads, trees, buildings, & electrical wires. If you need help ask an adult.

Adjusting Phantom Flyer’s Flight Patter: If your glider flies downward on launch, adjust the tail slightly upwards (and vice-versa) if it flies too far to the right, adjust the tail slightly to the left. (and vice-versa)

How to Fly: Fly only in open areas! Hold your glider by the bottom with one hand & the charging pack in the other hand insert the charging pack plug into the charging port for 10-15 seconds (longer times may overload & damage the motor!) Remove the charger and the propeller will start turning, Gently throw your glider at a 5-15 degree angle to get the best flight patterns, DO NOT THROW TOO HARD! Recharge the motor for each flight.

Ages 5+