Spinz Pull-Back Race Car with Flying Disc


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SD Toyz™ brings you the most fun you can have with a pull-back engine racer ever with Spinz™ Pull-Back Race Cars! Spinz racers combine the fun of a fast and furious pull-back race car with the crazy action of a demolition derby and the high-flying fun of a helicopter toy for all out racing mayhem!

Spinz Pull-Back Race Cars feature a spinning copter on the hood that is ready to launch into the air when the crash derby racer hits its target! Push down the copter to lock it in and pull the car back along any hard, flat surface; let go to see your car fly across the room! Then get ready for high flying fun — a square hit to the front of the car and the copter will fly into the sky!

See how straight you can point the car so it will hit its target or set up your own ramp for daredevil demolition stunts. Set includes a second car so you can race and crash with your friends, too!

  • Let your child's imagination take flight! Crank the propeller, pull back on the car, then let it go — when the car hits an object, the propeller launches, flying up to 20 feet in the air!
  • A powerful pull-back motor drives the vehicle forward while a crash depresses the front bumper and launches the spring-loaded propeller up to 20 feet in the air.
  • Spinz™ are sold in pairs so you can race and crash with your friends!
  • Set includes 2 pull-back race car plus 4 propeller discs.
  • Each car measures 5 x 2 x 3 inches (LxWxH).