SpyX Alarm Spy Safe


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  • TOP-SECRET SPY GADGET: SpyX Alarm Safe is the cutting-edge spy toy gadget designed to keep top secret information safe. Perfect for kids who love role-playing as spies or detectives, this secure digital safe allows them to key in their secret code or password, complete with alarm sounds if someone tries to break in!
  • SECURE YOUR SECRETS: The spy safe includes the digital safe, an access key, and a detailed user manual. The main goal is to provide kids with an engaging and interactive way to protect their secrets while fostering their interest in spy-themed activities. The toy safe not only entertains but also serves as a catalyst for learning and development!
  • CRACK THE CODE: To play, kids first press the access key, then enter or draw their secret code. If the correct code is entered, the safe opens. If the wrong code is entered twice, an alarm sounds! Changing the code involves using a reset button and setting a new password twice. An emergency opener is available for forgotten codes or dead batteries, ensuring continuous fun!
  • BRAIN BOOSTING FUN: The spy vault not only entertains but also educates. It helps children develop critical problem-solving abilities as they navigate setting and entering codes. The gadget also introduces basic STEM concepts, encouraging interest in technology and science through interactive play.
  • SPY TOGETHER: The stealth toy locker brings families and friends together, promoting interactive play and teamwork. Kids can challenge siblings or friends to crack the code, enhancing social skills and creating memorable bonding experiences through imaginative spy games!
  • Ages 6+