Super Duper Tinsel Bounce Ball

Master Toys

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Watch the Super Duper Tinsel Bounce Ball sparkle and shine as your child bounces it! This ball is the perfect size to fit into a child's palm, making it an excellent tool for working to develop not only their gross motor skills revolving around throwing, rolling, and catching a ball, it also provides plenty of visual stimuli to help your child work on improving their visual tracking skills. When the ball is bounced it lights up with bright flashing lights, immediately making it an easy target to watch! Both the gross motor skills and visual tracking skills are important foundational skills to ensure that your child is successful with higher level skills needed to perform well in the classroom. The visual skills your child develops while watching the ball roll around or watching it to catch will eventually be used to track words across a page as they read in school! 

Make developing these important skills fun! Help your child practice these foundational abilities by engaging them in age-appropriate games or simply one-on-one sensory time rolling the ball back and forth while your child is engaging in tummy-time play.

Bounce and play as much as you want- this toy can take it! The Super Duper Tinsel Bounce Ball is a durable toy made to withstand play with even the most rambunctious of kids.