The Girl's Body Book Everything You Need to Know for a Healthy, Happy You

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The #1 bestselling Girl’s Body Book includes everything you need to know about growing up, even the embarrassing stuff.

"What is happening to my body?"
"How do I fit in?"
"Why is everything different?"

These questions, along with others, leave pre-teen girls feeling confused and parents wondering what to do next. From periods to peer pressure, puberty is hard! The newly updated fifth edition of The Girl’s Body Book helps prepare girls and their parents for the ups and downs of puberty, middle school, and everything in between, This guide for pre-teen girls addresses issues like changing bodies, personal hygiene, self-confidence, leadership, school safety and #MeToo. This updated fifth edition book for girls is expanded to include topics like: 

- Cyberbullying and internet safety
- Emotional health and self-esteem
- Stress management
- Personal boundaries and communication
- Sports and leadership
- and MORE

The Girl’s Body Book helps prepare girls for puberty and beyond.