The Itsy Bitsy Spider: A Nursery Rhyme Adventure


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The classic nursery rhyme is now the start of a sweet and silly rhyming adventure for toddlers.

The Itsy Bitsy Spider is a classic nursery rhyme that has crawled its way into the hearts of children for generations. While there are many versions of this nursery rhyme available in book form, this enormously entertaining edition transforms the rhyme into frolicking adventure featuring Itsy and many of his insect friends.

Once the sun comes back up for Itsy Bitsy, his caterpillar friends play leap frog in the trees, ladybugs play hide-and-seek, a a beetle builds a swimming pool for his ant friends, and busy bees jump rope with a worm. There are plenty of laughs to be had with each turn of the page. Discover new surprises and super-silly situations as you share this re-imagining of the classic nursery rhyme with your kids and make memories to last a lifetime.

We all have nursery rhymes from our childhood that we love and remember. Each book in the Extended Nursery Rhymes series begins with a classic nursery rhyme, then expands upon it with lots of silly fun.