TYSC Space Adventure Pack

The Young Scientists Club

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Strap in, then blast off into an out-of-this-world adventure with The Young Scientists Club Space Adventure Pack! Whether you're creating a solar system model, using a Space Navigator and night-vision flashlight, or exploring the life cycle of a star — this hands-on STEM kit offers the ultimate scientific exploration and makes learning fun! Open up the reusable backpack and start walking in the shoes of an astronomer as the interactive manual guides you through 13 galactic activities. Explore the night sky — from inside your backpack — using the Space Navigator that lights up 5 different constellations, then make your own while discovering the stories of Orion, Ursa Minor & Major, and more! Discover the moon's phases, identify planets in our solar system, then make your own! When you're finished exploring the wonders of space, put your knowledge to the test with an exciting space memory game!