Woki - My First Coding Robot

Xtrem Bots

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  • Now kids can get started in the world of programming with Woki - the interactive smart toy robot that can read colors!
  • Plan, Create and Program! Design a maze with up to 81 tiles, program your movements with the color chips and help Woki solve the challenge!
  • Solve the maze and guide Woki home! When Woki recognizes the colors he performs different actions! Combine the tiles in different ways to create infinite mazes!
  • A great STEM toy! With up to 60 unique challenges, kids will enjoy hours of learning and fun without limits! Woki teaches kids to have fun while programming with colors!
  • 4 Levels of difficulty accommodate different skill levels and stages of educational development. Makes a great gift for boys and girls who love robots, technology, engineering and computer programming! For ages 5 and up.