New First Yo! Yo-Yo (Assorted)


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First Yo!™ from Duncan® features a super-soft silicone body with an extremely responsive return. All early beginners get immediate satisfaction and success with the First Yo!. This is Duncan's first 5+ rated yo-yo with a shorter string to give confidence to all beginners, with the yo-yo returning to your hand without even a pull. The First Yo! is strung with a double loop over the axle. For longer spin times, you can untwist the string all the way and remove one loop around the axle. From the First Yo!, you can progress much more easily to intermediate performance and tricks. Comes in a variety of colors; each yo-yo is sold individually.

  • First Yo!™ is perfect for younger kids looking to start playing with yo-yos!
  • Made with a squishy rubber rather than a hard plastic, you won't have to worry about bangs and dings while practicing.
  • This beginner yo-yo is great for string tricks!
  • First Yo!™ is available in 4 colors: BLUE, LIME, PURPLE or RED.
  • Color ships at random

Ages 5+