Douglas Luisa Axolotl Plush


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Your friends and family will axolotl questions about your new favorite plushie, but it should come as no surprise because Luisa the Plush Axolotl by Douglas is absolutely gorgeous. Completely different to your more usual soft toys, this plush axolotl measures around 11 inches – about the same as a mid-sized one in the wild – and has the softest, fluffiest cotton candy pink coat you will ever see. The envy of the salamander world, Luisa the Plush Axolotl by Douglas has a fancy halo of darker pink gills around her head, along with a tulle dorsal fin that lends an almost ethereal feel. Having this stuffed axolotl in your arms will really make you see the world through rose tinted glasses, but Luisa the Plush Axolotl by Douglas sees everything that way, because her beautiful eyes have a delightfully rosy hue that seem to come alive in the light. Also known as Mexican walking fish because of how they appear to walk along the floors of the lakes and rivers, these adorable amphibians have the astonishing ability to re-grow parts of their bodies that might become damaged, but this axolotl stuffed animal won’t ever need to exercise that ability because you will only want to treat her gently and take care of her for the rest of your life.