Fat Brain Toys Ribbon Ninja

Fat Brain

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Think like a fox... Move like a monkey... Strike like a cobra... Do you have what it takes to become a true Ribbon Ninja master? Each player has three colorful ribbons attached to his or her wristband. The rules are simple: Snatch your opponents' ribbons before they snatch yours. Lunge, grab, and dodge as quickly and cleverly as you can - The last ninja standing with at least one ribbon left wins the game!

Easy to learn yet challenging to master, Ribbon Ninja is a fast-paced adventure that's sure to keep everyone active and on their toes.

Everyone gets 3 ribbons of his or her own color Place 2 ribbons on one hand, 1 on the other If all ribbons are taken from one hand, put that hand behind your back Last ninja standing with at least one ribbon left, wins!


  • 6 wristbands
  • 18 ribbons in 6 colors
  • Detailed game rules and instructions i