Petunia Ballerina Plush Mouse


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Petunia the Ballerina Mouse Stuffed Animal by Douglas is ready to dance her way into your arms! This stuffed mouse is all dressed up for her recital with a pink tutu, pink ballet slippers, and a little pink necklace. Just in case that isn't adorable enough, Petunia also has a big pink bow on her ear. Like all great dancers, this plush mouse likes to look her best when she is ready to perform. Measuring about nine inches from head to toe, this ballerina mouse stuffed animal knows that every little thing counts when it comes to putting on a big show. Petunia is an excellent dance partner and is also pretty good at calming the nerves of would-be dancers on their big day. This little stuffed mouse has been through it all and knows how to comfort anxious performers and get them ready to give it their all! 

Ages 2+

Size 9" (23cm)