SpyX Rear-View Spy Sunglasses


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  • SPY IN STYLE: Rear-View Spy Glasses are an innovative spy toy gadget featuring cool sunglasses with built-in rear-view mirrors, allowing users to discreetly see behind them. Ideal for imaginative role-playing and spy activities, indoors or outdoors.
  • EYEWEAR SPY TOOL: The package includes impact-resistant sunglasses with mirrored lenses. The main goal is to offer an exciting tool for kids to engage in spy and detective role-play. The reflective lenses allow for a unique rear-view capability... making every adventure more thrilling!
  • MASTER THE SPY GAME: Simply wear the sunglasses as usual and glance towards the edges of the lenses to see what's behind you, without alerting others. Adjust your head position for the best view. The lenses can be removed for storage or cleaning by gently pulling them down and reassembled by aligning and pushing them back into place.
  • EDUCATIONAL PLAY: These spy toy glasses encourage scientific exploration and observation skills as children learn about angles and reflections while using the rear-view mirrors. It fosters problem-solving abilities as they strategize during spy games, promoting critical thinking and spatial awareness.
  • FRIEND AND FAMILY FUN: This gadget brings families and friends together through interactive spy missions. It promotes outdoor activities, imaginative and creativity play, providing opportunities for shared experiences and creating lasting memories!
  • Ages 6+